General Ledger

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  • Budget Entry View Product

    Budget Entry and Approval


    Budget entry and approval simplified! Organizes users by departments to provide control of who can enter and approve budgets. Assign accounts and sub-accounts to departments/users. Budget entry screen allows you to copy from prior year, enter details, view multiple years, grow budget and more. Automatically email for approval. Once approved update the specified budget on the GL.

  • gl search View Product

    General Ledger Search


    Powerful search utility designed to let you search multiple fields at the same time for General Ledger. Search date ranges, partial matches and more. Results are then displayed in a grid for drill down or reporting.

  • GL Eraser View Product

    GL Eraser


    Erase any GL Entry without reversing entries! GL accounts and history are recalculated automatically. Erased document information is stored in audit file to provide a complete audit trail.

  • GL Mover View Product

    GL Mover


    Move General Ledger Postings from one General Ledger Account Number/Sub Account to new Account Number/Sub Account. Makes changes to source documents and updates account history. Update one batch or multiple based on your selection criteria. Data moved is tracked in audit file for Audit Trail purposes.

  • JE Description Changer View Product

    Journal Entry Description Changer


    Change the text of description field on the Journal Entry Screen for released and posted Journal Entries.

  • JE Reverser View Product

    Journal Entry Reverser


    Reverse a General Ledger Entry after it has been posted. Batch is created exactly in reverse and placed on hold for your edit or release.

  • Prepaids Processor View Product

    Prepaids Processor


    Allows you to allocate prepayments over user defined period. Specify automatic breakdown or enter your own custom posting table. Prepaids can be set up in the Prepaids screen or they can be setup in Accounts Payable Voucher & Adjustment screen while entering a voucher. (Accounts Payable interface requires customization manager.)