Other Utilities

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  • Property Boss View Product

    Property Boss Connector


    Links Property Boss Software to Dynamics SL.

  • PropertyManagement1 View Product

    Property Management

    Property Management billing, tenant/owner information and service orders within Dynamics SL.

  • Report Scheduler View Product

    Report Scheduler


    Schedule Reports to be printed nightly, monthly or on specific dates. System runs the reports so they are automatically waiting for you. Specify the Sort/Select and date range criteria on setup.

  • Terrorist Check View Product

    Terrorist Check


    Checks all SQL Data files for Terrorist Names as downloaded from Government Web Site.

  • Tickler System View Product

    Tickler System


    Reminder system built in Solomon. Sends email reminders for Tax filings, monthly processes. Will send emails to groups and backup groups. Also allows for SQL script entry to send financial data.

  • Utility Billing View Product

    Utility Billing-Tax and License


    Record Power and Water Meter readings, garbage, sewage , taxes and much more all in one system. Integrates seamlessly with the SL to reduce data entry.