Accounts Receivable

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    Accounts Receivable Search


    Powerful search utility designed to let you search multiple fields at the same time for AR Invoices, Memos and Deposits. Search date ranges, partial matches and more. Results are then displayed in a grid for drill down or reporting.

  • collections screen View Product

    AR Collections


    Track your customer's collections efforts within SL. The Collection screen allows you to view all documents owed by a customer. Enter collection notes for one or all outstanding invoices. Update Promised Pay date and print reports of contacts made. Works with our Cash Flow Module to help predict future cash flows.

  • AR Customer Change Merge View Product

    AR Customer Change/Merge


    Merge two customers and/or change a customer ID in SL. Historical AR data is then merged or moved to the new ID.

  • AR Document Maintenance Plus View Product

    AR Document Maintenance Plus


    Modify non financial fields of AR documents after they are released and posted. Change more fields than the Standard Solomon AR Document maintenance screen will allow.

  • AR Eraser View Product

    AR Eraser


    Erase any AR Document without reversing entries! AR and GL are updated. Customer and account balances are recalculated automatically. Erased document information is stored in audit file to provide a complete audit trail.

  • AR Refund View Product

    AR Refund


    Easy to use one step process to automatically create a refund for a Receivables Overpayment. Refund can post to GL for wires or Payables for a check/ACH to be cut.

  • Detail Payment Application View Product

    Detail Payment Application


    Gives you the ability to input a payment or select a credit memo and apply it to the line items of invoices.

  • Multi Customer Payment Application View Product

    Multi Customer Payment Application


    Apply a single payment to multiple customers. Set up Parent and Child customers and then process payments to the related entities.

  • Service Work Order View Product

    Service Work Order


    Enter and track Service Work Orders for Customers. Report on outstanding or completed work orders and those in process. Track work order Open and close date and time to complete.