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  • Cash Flow Projection View Product

    Cash Flow Projection


    Create multiple Cash Flow scenarios. Pull Data from AR, AP and Payroll for upcoming items due. Modify expected dates and amounts and enter additional items. Takes the current cash balance and projects based on your created scenario!

  • Change Company ID View Product

    Change Company ID


    Change an existing SL Company ID. Easy to use utility searches and updates the company ID in the SL Modules.

  • File Attach View Product

    File Attach


    Add a link to multiple files and graphics to SL Screen. Easy to use and set up. Maintain multiple documents or scans for each item. Items can be viewed and updated from a button on SL screen. Supports URL, Excel, Word, PDF, graphics/scanned items and many others. Customization manager required to view documents in Solomon. Attach employee pictures, tax forms, scanned invoices in AP and many other uses.

  • Fund Raising View Product



    Track all your fundraising and donors within Dynamics SL. System allows you to track information on donors, organizations, mailing lists, donations and more.

  • IT Request Tracking View Product

    IT Request Tracking


    Track Information Technology Requests, the status and on-line electronic approval.

  • Management Inquiry View Product

    Management Inquiry


    One Stop Screen to see, current AR balance, Cash, AP and Inventory. Easily create your own custom requests and have periodic emails sent to specified users.

  • Module Monitor View Product

    Module Monitor


    Find out who accesses what screen. Each access attempt is tracked in an audit file for review, along with success or failure. Tracks audit history of changes to key files like Vendors, Customers and Employees. Logs who and what was changed.

  • Period Mover View Product

    Period Mover


    Easily move items from one period to another with Period Mover.

  • Period to Post Lock View Product

    Period to Post Lock


    Lock the Period so users can not post back more than you specify. Only members of special group can post to prior periods.

  • Project Mover View Product

    Project Mover


    Makes changes to source documents and updates project history. Update one batch or multiple based on your selection criteria. Data moved is tracked in audit file for audit trail purposes.