Project Tracking

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  • Project Budget View Product

    Project Budget


    Show Project Budgets on your FRX financials! Takes all Project Budgets and posts them to a Project Ledger so they are available in FRX.

  • Project Controller Eraser View Product

    Project Controller Eraser

    Erase any Project Controller Document without reversing entries! Project and Task balances are recalculated automatically. Erased document information is stored in audit file to provide a complete audit trail.

  • Project Controller Lite View Product

    Project Controller Lite


    Lite Version of Project Controller to track budget and actual for projects/tasks with lite reporting. Unlimited Users.

  • project controller search View Product

    Project Controller Search


    Powerful search utility designed to let the users search multiple fields at the same time in Project Controller. Result are then displayed in a grid for drill down or reporting.